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Plevina Mission

We take the complexity on your behalf

Collect Requirements

If it is ideas, real problem or even your dreams, we will work together with you, collecting the requirements to make your dreams become real.

Develop the Solution

We will work professionaly on your problem to deliver you, the most suitable set of applications that suit your business, with most modern technologies.

Make you ready to go!

We ensure that the solution is perform perfect as your business requires, skip the hard work you do, and enjoy the modern solution we provide.

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Plevina Devmate version 1.0

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A Professional set of tools that make your development life more easy.

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What Services Plevina Offers

Web Solutions

We can create for you the best responsive website up to-date with the latest trends and technologies

Mobile Solutions

Provide your business services to users in a form of mobile applications. iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more

Desktop Solutions

Let us do the critical part of your business application. Desktop apps provide you the most secure and efficient solutions

Cloud Solutions

Move your business to the modern cloud computing platforms, and enjoy the (7/d - 24/h) availablity and scaliablity

Integration Services

Whatever your business is, we can integrate your systems to other systems and services, making your business such a modular

Communication Services

Connect and Spread your thoughts to other people, handy services targeting different platforms and application are available


Household work Solution

In Qatarwork we advice you to download and use the Desktop app as an alternative of the website, if give you the ability to manage all of your data, with a best performance and design

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Complete solution for Manpower companies

Manage, reports, monitoring, accounting, workflow and more are some of the functionalities that Manpower solution provide.

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Designed to be a developer mate

A professional set of tools that make the developer life more easy, it includs tools such that, String Tokenizer, Code Generator, API Tester, SQL Editor and more.

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Are you looking to integrat you existing business/software with other third-party systems. Plevina, Can help you do that, using up-todate technologies, that minimize the effort and increase the performance.
Plevina Tech. Integration Services

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Take the control on your applications. Plevina is ready to improve and change the way you work



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