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A large set of string manipulation functions, that can change a string into differnt forms.

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Small input to generate class properites, or a complete module, such that, ASP.NET MVC Module

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Lightweight integrated tester for RESTful Web API and SQL queries, without any other dependency

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More tools also available and will be

We will not stop at any point, technology and tools are always changed and become more modern, and devmate is one of them




Testing Tools




New Tools

Personal Accounts Keeper

Devmate contains a tools that help you store your different accounts information in a secure and efficient way

Advanced Generator

From a simple amount of raw data (typically class members), Devmate can generate a huge amount of useful and integrated code.

Advanced Generator

Become more productive with Devmate

With a simple amount of data (class member), Devmate can generate a complete module, such that ASP.NET platform project module.

ASP.NET MVC Code Generator

Class properties generator

String tokenizer and formatter

Devmate Desktop Application

All your boilerplate code, string manipulation and simple daily task can be handled with Devmate