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Manpower Complete Manpower Solution

Manage all of your management and financial data, and tracking workflow from your mobile

Manpower Desktop Application

Best solution for your company, Desktop Application delivers security, performance and elegant UI, all that, has been designed to suit your business and reduce the complexity you have

Workflow Control your data Full Notifications Professional Accounting

Manpower has tons of benefits

Manpower will minimize your time and effort


Smart workflow process, from waiting worker approval to archiving


Debit or Credit, accounting will track all your transactions perfectly


Managment and financial reports are available at your finger touch


Customize your notification and track your employee behavior remotely


Manpower is full with reports

  • Financial Reports

    Payments, Receipts, Expenses, Deposits, Office Expenses, Agent Expenses, etc..., are some of the financial reports

  • Workflow Reports

    Through the first step in the workflow up to the archiving, you can view reports of any stage with different filtering options

  • Management Reports

    Your workers, clients, agents and employees are subject to reporting also, you can view and filter them very easily with Manpower

Thousand of Transactions

Every minute there are tens of transactions managing our Manpower partners









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Manpower available for Mobile devices also, just download it, and login with your account, then you are ready to receive notifications about transactions on your company, remotly!